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The Conspiracy Band

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Flip - fliprico@wideopenwest.com

Rodney - rodneysutton58@yahoo.com



Rodney Sutton:VOCALS

Brian Coon:SAX

Dave Miller:TRUMPET

Kie Watkins:TROMBONE



Billy Hawthorne:DRUMS


Vanessa Jones:VOCALS

Mandi Gage:VOCALS

Joseph Moorer:RAP/VOCALS

Patti Lach: VOCALS














Courtney and Travis Jones June 28, 2104

Worthington Hills Country Club  Members Party 2014 

Adrienne and Ryan Burke June  21, 2014

St. Christopher's Festival 2014

Grandview Library "Evening on the Lawn 2014"

Emily and David Crowder - June 14, 2104

Natasha and Adam Churches - June 7, 2104

Tierney and Will Morgan - May 31, 2014

Emily and Brett Eglstein - May 18, 2014

Liz and Mark Saxe - May 17, 2014


Beth and Josh Vickers-May 16, 2014


Claire and Jason Matthews-May 10, 2014


Comprehensive Wealth Partners Gala-2014


Megan and Chris Farber-May 3, 2014


A Special Wish Foundation-2014 Fundraiser


Athletic Club of Columbus: Spring Fling 2014-Springtime in Paris

 Catholic Social Services Spirit of Hope Gala


Bringing in the Funk: Charlene Style


OASBO-Mardi Gras Reception


Enter Gahanna: FM Food and Music


Kyle and Libby Welch- March 29, 2014


Torie and Jeremy Selhorst-March 15, 2014


Crystal Ball 2014-The Arthritis Foundation


Melissa Vasil's Birthday Bash


Emerson Employee Gala